We Believe

We believe that small, consistent lifestyle changes lead to major transformations. At inMotion, you'll find a vibrant community of positive people creating a supportive, non-competitive, and fun environment that keeps you coming back for more. Our trainers focus on healthy, sustainable movements that make life—and loving your body—so much easier. Join us!

Mission Statement

Empowering people to live happier, healthier lives through Exercise, Nutrition, Restoration and Positive Thinking. Powered by positivity, our coaches are here to ignite your inner and outer strength. Everyday, we teach passionately, inspire playfully, guiding you to the highest level of strength and radiant health... 

Breathe,Sweat, Smile...

About Us

We are a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive neighborhood training studio that believes in holistic wellness and sustainable life changing fitness and nutrition programs. That means no crash dieting, no body-trashing workouts, and plenty of laughter.

We specialize in world-class coaching, with a focus on getting bodies to move properly with lots of individual coaching and a huge variety of movements to target the whole body, every class.

inMotion is a one-stop shop for fitness, from Strength and Conditioning  classes to TRX & Kettlebell training, Barre, RunFit, BoxFit, Weight Training, Yoga, Resortoration, Rehab, Corrective Therapy, GolFit, Nutrition, and so much  more in one place.


 Thanks to our physical therapy and nutritionist partners, being a member of the inMotion community is like having a passport to health. What are you waiting for?

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1279 NE 2nd St. Bend, OR 97701

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