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Slay the Summer

28 Day Simple Habit Challenge

     Boost Your Energy and Strength in 28 Days     

Need some Motivation this Summer?

We have your back and you don't  have to give up anything, count calories or lose specific food groups (I'm talking to you carbs).

 Are you ready to find more energy by burning those stubborn fat cells that are weighing you down? 

How would it feel to have the energy and strength to do the things you want to do?

Let me begin by saying this:

I know Summer can be hard to start or maintain your fitness and nutrition- I love beer, bbq's and lazy days like everyone else..

But what if I told you I found a super simple way to eat cleaner and move more without giving up your Summer..

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well maybe it is But there is only one way to find out!

The one thing that all of our clients have struggled with is taking their next step to getting back in shape.

Here is why:

  • Had been in shape before and feared the pain of the first workouts again

  • Did not know where to start

  • Embarrassed that they let themselves get to this point

  • Think they need to get in shape before they see a trainer

  • Just need to eat healthier but don’t know what to eat

During the next 28-days, you will begin your own individualized solution while working with us privately!

That’s right, working every step of the way with your own personal motivating accountability coach in your own private studio

Take your next step with us to achieve increased strength, energy, and mobility to live an active lifestyle with confidence!