Life + Work = Balance

The benefits of a sound corporate wellness program include:

  • Healthy Employees

  • More Productivity

  • Increased Morale

  • Decreased Health Care Costs

  • Less Time Lost due to Illness or Injury

  • Decrease Staff Turnover

  • Increased Energy

inMotion Training Studio offers two of the most important components to a well designed wellness program: exercise and nutrition.

At inMotion we know that every minute counts – that is why we bring can bring the training  to your employees.

We are a  Personal Training Studio that has worked with many businesses in town to provide Nutrition, Training, Yoga, Barre, Boxfit, and Challenges to the  CORPORATE setting. Our classes increase employee health and happiness, and provide employers with a cost effective option for health care. 

We offer 4 Options:

  1. We come to the business and offer a 30-45 minute training of your choosing- strength and conditioning-barre-yoga.

  2. We team up with you to offer a discount to your employees for our current classes.

  3. We set up your own training class/small group with the option of   the employer pays part or all of or a discount for all of the participants. 

  4. We help facilitate a company Health and Fitness Challenge and can incorporate some or all of the above.


Talk to an inMotion team member today and find out how to enroll your company in this amazing program. 541-382-6313

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees!

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