How do I sign up?

Getting started is easy. Simply email us here or call or text us at 541-382-6313 and we will get back to you shortly to set up your initial appointment.

What is a Fitness and Nutrition Game Plan?

A personal assessment with a inMotion trainer to set your goals, reduce the risk of injury, and ensure you're practicing proper form in class from day one. The Fitness Consult session includes the following:

  • Medical history and health history review

  • Goal assessment and setting

  • Fit3d Body Fat Scan

  • Functional Movement Screen and assessment

  • Introduction to functional movement

What should I wear to inMotion?

Please wear comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes.

Are you a Crossfit gym?

No. inMotion is a safe and sustainable alternative to Crossfit that uses many of the same types of equipment but our programming is different and we try to not overuse the muscles and joints to help prevent injuries.  

Are you a Franchise?

No. inMotion is locally owned by Shannon Segerstrom a born and raise Bendite. All of our pictures of are actual clients and results- not provided and paid for from corporate headquarters or other facilities.

Do you offer Personal Training?

inMotion offers two types of personal training: one-on-one training by appointment for people with very specialized considerations (injury recovery, health issues, sports performance training, etc.) and Small Group training- which is a more affordable option that works for the majority of needs.

Do you offer open-gym hours?

 We have offered open gym in the past, but we have so many scheduled team and small group sessions on the schedule that members prefer to work out with a trainer and we found most people didn't use it like they thought they would.

Do you have trial memberships?

We currently have three different trial membership options:

  1. Team Training (classes) 21 Day Jump Start $69

  2. Small Group 6 sessions for $149

  3. 6 Personal Training Sessions for $199 (30 min. PT) or $249 for (45 min. PT)


What should I bring with me?

Please bring your own water bottle or we have water here. We provide sweat towels for you or you can of course bring your own. You don’t need any other equipment to get started!

Do I arrive early to my fitness consultation?

Nope! You'll fill out our liability waiver online before your fitness consultation, so all you need to do is show up on time. Please note that if you arrive five or more minutes late to your first appointment, you may need to reschedule your Fit 3D body Fat Scan session. Please note that we may be finishing up working with a client or class so please come in and have a seat!


When are the Team Training sessions?

Check out our Class Schedules page to find out which workouts happen on which days at which locations.

When are Small Group Training sessions?

Schedule these with your trainer as there is limited Space. Times are listed here.

How do I access my account/member profile?

The best way to access your account is to download the app. Easily browse the class schedule and reserve your spot. Just click on the links below.

I need to update the status of my membership or provide a new CC. Who do I talk to?

Easy! Just email us at with the following information: nature of the request, date range, and reason for cancellation or suspension. All cancellation or suspension requests must be within the terms of the member contract.

Note: All membership suspension and cancellation requests must be submitted in writing (via email) 15 days prior to your next bill date.

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