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Don't know where to start?
Feel intimidated by the Gym?


Going to a new gym (or studio) can be intimidating and overwhelming if you are just beginning....

You are NOT alone.

I’ve heard more and more in the past few years that people -especially women are uncomfortable going to the gym because:


You are intimidated or lacking motivation

You feel like you are being looked at (maybe even judged)

You are afraid you will injure yourself

You just don’t know what to do

Everyone is in good shape and knows what is going on

I just need a jumpstart and accountability



This is EXACTLY why I created the Fit Foundations program.

I do not want anyone sitting home that really has a desire to get strong and healthy simply because they don’t feel comfortable!

My studio will help you to feel at ease and we will personally guide you through your first steps, including modifications for your fitness level and teaching you HOW to do the exercises correctly.

Our new “Fit Founations” small group training sessions do just that…

Start at the very beginning!


We’ll teach you proper movement techniques to keep you safe, help you learn new exercises to build confidence and strength, modify exercises until you are ready for the next step and help you feel at “home” when working out. 

ALL ages and abilities Welcome!

What if you Could Finally.....


Build Strength without Getting Injured

You'll learn the RIGHT way to exercise for YOUR body


Overcome Fear

We know going to a "gym" can be scary but you will LOVE this non-intimidating, women only environment


Improve Balance & Coordination

When we teach you how to move properly, ALL of your movements become BETTER!


Develop Confidence

You'll finally feel like you know what you are doing when you workout


Gain Stamina

You'll finally be able to do the things you love to do with the people you love to do it with!


Get the Entire Studio to Yourself

No more waiting for equipment or having to share- we have plenty of space and equipment to roam and not have to worry about sharing!

How it Works

Fit Foundations is a session for beginners or those that haven't been into the gym recently. Modifications to the exercises will be made accordingly to fit your needs. 

Phase 1: We will cover proper posture and core muscle engagement so that you will move safely through the next phases.

Phase 2: You will learn the proper form for the basic exercises and movement patterns that you need as we build strength and stability in your muscles and joints.

Phase 3: This is where we begin to increase the difficulty of exercises to help you get ready for the next step... Our small group training sessions or semi-private training

You will receive simple exercises you can do at home to help you progress in strength and stamina.

 At the end of 4 weeks you have a few options for continuing:

  1. You can join in on one of my other small group training sessions if you feel ready

  2. We can create a home workout plan for you

  3. You can sign up for another round of Fit Beginnings if there is space and if I think you will benefit from more time in this program.

  4.  Ultimately this program is designed to give you wings so that you feel confident to join another group here at the studio and make way for new ladies just like you that want to get started on their own health journey!