inMotion offers three fun ways to train — Semi-Private Personal Training, Small Group Team Training, and One-on-One Personal Training. Combine your favorite workout style with our advance MyBelt Heart Rate Monitoring System for a scientifically-proven effective way to meet your specific fitness goals. 


Over the last 12 years, we have designed a training system not found in any other exercise facilities. Our unique training system is specifically designed for those who are weary of exercise programs that are designed for younger, more resilient bodies.  We are the only Studio in town to offer a scientifically- backed workout system that will keep you working out consistently and free of injury and training plateaus.

If you are like me, you are no longer interested in workouts that leave your body mangled and feeling like it was run over by a train and are not sustainable long term.   


What I am interested in, however — and what I believe anyone should be interested in who wants to lose weight and get in shape long term is a proven effective system that uses the “Minimum Effective Dose” method we like to call the Matrix. The overall purpose of the programming is to make sure overuse opportunities are minimized. This allows for adequate rest and recovery while getting some cross training in with Barre, BoxFIT, RunFIT, HIIT,  Recovery and Fusion classes along with our signature Strength and Conditioning Classes.



 Small Group Training


Our premier offering – Limited to 15 participants –

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness and wellness journey or if you’re trying to kick it up a notch, strategy is everything. That’s why we created a combination of classes to prevent overuse injuries, progress through actual programming to get you the best overall workouts in the least amount of time. Get fat-burning, metabolic-boosting core functional workouts and the support and accountability from our community of elite trainers that, collectively, have helped thousands of people live their best life.

These all-levels classes give you tailored workouts, quality attention, focus on form and programs built for fun and fat loss, tone and strength. Ready to receive the tools you need to change your body from the inside, out?!

It’s effective. It’s affordable. And it’s for you.

Check Out Our 21 Day Jump Start

Semi- Private Personal Training

Our exclusive offering – Limited to 3- 6 participants – Gives you a personal training solution created just for you, and also includes the accountability of an energetic group of people who are committed to maximizing their potential, while you maximize yours. In our semi-private personal training programs, you’ll get both—and a whole lot more.

We have beginner and advanced sessions that are sweaty, fun and based in dynamic, core functional strength training that focuses on building power, strength and fat loss.

The best part? Semi-privates are an affordable personal training option, available for up to 40% less than our 1-1 personal training programs.

Ready to get stronger, firmer, leaner and toner alongside a community of people that are committed to winning?

 Private Personal Training

Our Private Personal Training programs are all about YOU. Your unique strengths, challenges, and preferences. Your weight, measurements and form. Your questions, goals, injuries, and schedule. And most importantly, your results.

Our evidence-based private personal training programs are designed and facilitated by elite trainers that have dedicated their life’s work to maximizing your potential. We incorporate nutrition, movement, restoration and mindset and settle for nothing less than outstanding results.

There’s no one else on the planet that’s just like you. That’s why the fastest way to become the best version of yourself is to get 1-1 holistic personal training that’s catered around who you are today and who you want to be, tomorrow.

Barre Classes

What IS Barre Above? 

We blend the latest exercise science with principles of the Lotte Berk method (the genesis of the Barre movement) delivering a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training to the workouts! Designed for ALL fitness levels and body types, Barre Above is a truly unique and results-driven program that is continuing to grow and transform.

We offer Barre Above which is our Traditional Barre Class, Barre Burner (barre with more movements to get the heart pumping) & Barre Fight (Boxing mixed with Barre movements)

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