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In this program you are the VIP! And I mean it!

inMotion Training provides the highest quality personal training in Central Oregon. Certified, educated, supportive, motivated and passionate – our coaches are ready to guide you through every aspect of training, nutrition and lifestyle to reach their desired goals, and then some.

We evaluate and assess every client so that we can create a program that will yield the best possible results for YOU. We address everything from Movement Mechanics and progress, at the client’s pace, through Mobility, Coordination, Flexibility, Core Training, Strength and Conditioning and of course nutrition

Our training population is remarkably diverse; from a 80 year old, to the mother of two, to the active businessman or youth athlete, high level/elite athletes, as well as the individual trying to manage their weight and lifestyle without rescheduling their life around a workout. We work by appointment only for your convenience.

We believe 100% in our program that we offer you a 110% guarantee! Follow your program 100% and if you don't receive a stronger, leaner and sexier body we'll refund your investment no questions asked! How's that for confidence?

Memberships and Pricing

Memberships are paid monthly... we do this for a couple reasons.

 First, it increases accountability!  When you pre pay for a whole month of workouts you are MUCH more likely to show up every time ;)  You MUST use the sessions up in the month or you loose them... another layer of accountability here, do you see a theme?  Of course there is a cancelation policy, 24 hours notice and your sessions is saved to use within that month.  The second reason is it keeps the cost way down compared to most session procing. BUT we understand some people travel or this might not be the best fit so we do have some packages as well- they just might be a standard rate as opposed to a better rate! Inquire to see which one works best for you!

We offer different sessions times but here are some basic examples....

Most people workout 2-4 days a week...

PS. There are even deeper DISCOUNTS the longer you commit and the more sessions you have per week!

No commitment! NO obligation!..... BUT limited Availability so reserve your spot below Today and get started


**For some cases I will allow a package system... for clients who travel a lot.  So please, if you feel connected at all to what we do we will make something work :)

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